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trippin' out and spinnin' around

I'm undergroud. I fell down.

☆ mauliyoo; iyoo ☆


an xxxxxxxxxx years old girl who lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. not really fluent in english, since she uses bahasa as her prime language. now she is attending her second year of high school at Labschool Jakarta High. currently struggling for her study in uni. she is a moslem. her parents & her brother are AWESOME, actually she love them but she hardly show it to them. she loves anything about japan *not really that 'anything', but yea; a lot.*, room designing, graphic designing, piano, singing, writing fictions, and chat !
I have a twitter account, instagram, pudding.to, and tumblr! and.. kik messenger. LOL quite a lot. account bitch. haha
btw, before addin' me, comment here first ^^ thanks~
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